about me


Content Creator

I'm not focused on news and headlines. With my type of journalism, I try to dig deeper, writing profound and well-researched articles. With my writing, I also try to offer original insights and thought processes one does not encounter every day. More like an analyst I’ve already co-authored several reports as well as written my own book. I write in German as well as English. 


With my good sense of humor, I try to make every discuss into a lively experience. Asking the right sort of questions as well as letting my fellow panelists articulate themselves is a priority of mine when moderating. Because of an ever-expanding pool of knowledge, I can draw from, I try to be as impartial as possible in my role as a moderator. If needed though, I also love playing devil’s advocate to get a engaging and fun panel discussion.

Whether with or without slides, my goal is to capture my audience’s attention by drawing them in with valuable and original ideas. Because of my easy and relaxed temper, I am always in for a loosening joke, while making my words are coming across in a serious manner. Debating others, I am trying to be as empathetic as possible in order to understand my counterpart’s argument, since only this allows me to state my case in a convincing way. If necessary I am eager to take an unpopular view, to turn a debate into an actual debate!  

Public Speaker



With my background as a journalist, I have the necessary skills to present challenging and intricate topics in an intriguing and easily digestible way. Since I am very passionate about learning new things myself, I am just as passionate about sharing my acquired knowledge with other people. I love getting questions, which I try to answer to the best of my knowledge. When lecturing, I am trying to get a good mix of teacher-centered teaching as well as practical teaching involving the students.